Updated Oct 07, 2020

BAU-STR Dryer- Rice Husks

Part of Kansas State University


Md. monjurul Alam

BAU-STR Dryer: A small scale grain dryer to reduce loss , improve safety, to enable drying regardless of weather conditions.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Food Safety and Standards and Post Harvest

Agriculture, Food Safety and Standards and Post HarvestSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Bangladesh, Ghana and Guatemala

Bangladesh, Ghana and GuatemalaSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In
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Drying of paddy rice in Bangladesh traditionally happens in field and on farm, leaving it open to contamination from pests, dirt and dangerous fungal toxins. Post-harvest loss at the farm level is estimated to be about 14%, with drying and storage losses a key component of these losses.



To address these challenges, the PHLIL Bangladesh team developed the BAU-STR dryer, modified from Vietnam, which is a small-batch dryer that is mobile and can be operated on farm. It provides an effective drying technology alternative to traditional sun drying in terms of drying rate and drying efficiency. The BAU-STR dryer can dry one-half metric ton of paddy rice in 4-5 hours and bring moisture content from 22 percent, which is often the result from field drying, to a safe 12 percent, reducing the risk of mycotoxin contamination.

Target Beneficiaries

The BAU-STR dryer is suitable for farmers and small traders, including women who save and sell seed, and can be used regardless of weather conditions, presenting economic opportunities as well as ensuring a safer harvest with less post-harvest loss.

Competitive Advantage

The BAU-STR dryer is light-weight, mobile, locally produced, and cost-effective for farmers and small traders in Bangladesh. Not only has the dryer been validated for rice, wheat, and maize, it was also recently added to the Bangladeshi Government's ag machinery subsidy program, enabling more farmers, millers and service providers to buy the dryer.


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