Updated Jun 18, 2019

Cool room monitoring system

Part of Kasetsart University

Cool room monitoring system was designed to help farmer remotely monitoring their cool room status anywhere through the website. It records temperature, relative humidity and power consumption onsite. It will e-mail user if temperature went wrong.


Jate Sathornkich

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The hardware design has been finalized and tested over the year in the field. We demonstrate this system to 5 countries and now we have been requested to provide more units. With the increasing demand, we plan to move on to mass production design.

Focus Areas:

Post Harvest and Food Safety and Standards

Post Harvest and Food Safety and StandardsSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Thailand, Cambodia, Rwanda and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Thailand, Cambodia, Rwanda, Tanzania and United StatesSEE LESS

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There is no way to notify cool room user of a failure or shutdown. User will only know if there is an issue once the unit is accessed. And when it happened, it is too late to safe the stored produce.



The system measure and record temperature, RH, power consumption (amp) and door open-close stage of the cool room. The data is shown on the led screen and recorded in the sd-card locally. The system send data to the server to display on the website. If the temperature is over the margin or the door open too long time, it will send the e-mail to the user with the temperature at that state. It also turn the buzzer on so if user pass by, they will know something went wrong.

Target Beneficiaries

Smallholder farmers who owned the cold storage can use this system to take care their cold room and produce inside remotely. The agricultural extension or researcher who working with cold storage and use this system to do research on the suitable temperature and humidity for different local product. They can also use this system to observe the usage behavior of the user and improve the usage behavior of the user for cost-effectiveness.

Mission and Vision

We want the cold storage user especially the small scale farmer to have low cost tool to monitoring their cold storage anywhere anytime. So they concentrate to their farm activities and still secure their produce storage quality.

Innovation Description

The system have 5 temperature sensors 2 RH sensors 1 magnetic door sensor and 1 hall effect sensor. The control unit has SD-card and WiFi module. It measure and record temperature and RH outside the cold room, temperature ( 5 positions) and RH inside cold room, door open-close status and power usage in amp every 1 minute. The real time data display on the led screen and the data is send to the server using WiFi. When the system programmed, user have to input the temperature threshold so the system knows when the temperature is too high. If the temperature is higher than the threshold or the door is opened too long time, the system will turn on the buzzer and server will send e-mail to user every hour until the temperature came down below threshold or the door close. The system have website so user can visit and monitor the real time data of their cold room anytime on their computer or mobile phone.

Competitive Advantage

Low-cost, uses WiFi to send the data. If WiFi available, the small mobile phone or pocket WiFi can be use as hot spot. Most of the parts and sensor are available locally in Feed the Future countries. User with small electronic experience can replace almost every parts by themselves if it was broken.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Improve web interface, download function and show local time for different country. Redesign the junction board and system box to be more professional look and easier for mass production. Reprogramming the system so it can check for the sensor and internet error and warning the user on the led screen so user can fix it or contact the support before their loose their produce. Redesign the web page so user can have their own page showing only their units.
Funding Goal20,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted100
New Implemented CountriesBangladesh
Recruit1 electrical technician, 1 server programmer, 1 web programmer
New FeatureSelf checking and warning for the hardware error. Newer model with less sensors for lower the cost.

The Team Behind the Innovation

Our team leader is the university researcher. We build several low cost cold room with CoolBot and doing many research experiments in them. We are horticultural researcher and we found that we need tools to monitor the usage of the cold room so we can understand the cold room usage of the farmer. Then we can optimize and give the usage recommendation for the farmer. We design the system with our horticulture experience and cooperate with computer engineer to program this system.


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United States and Tanzania
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Cool room monitoring system build and field tested