Updated May 16, 2019

Timothy Close

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Stage 5: Scaling

Focus Areas:


AgricultureSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Nepal, Nigeria and Ghana

Nepal, Nigeria and GhanaSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In
Verified Funding


Overcoming some of the impediments to high yield in cowpea production zones through the development and release of improved varieties that are better adapted to those environments.



Improved resistance to the parasitic weed Striga gesnerioides, improved yield.

Target Beneficiaries

Mainly smallholder farmers.

Innovation Description

The project team at SARI in Ghana collaborated with University of Cape Coast to release three Striga resistant cowpea varieties in Ghana with sponsorship of The Introduction Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. The names are: UCC-Benga (UCC-Cowpea), Saka-Buro (killer of Striga) and Kum-Zoya (hunger has run away). IITA releases varieties only through NARS. IT98K-205 from IITA was released with the name of Gajale Bodi in Nepal. Two IITA varieties, IT07K-297-13 and IT08K-150-12, were released in Nigeria with the names Sampea 18 and Sampea 19, respectively.

Competitive Advantage

The use of these improved varieties is intended to result in more food and fodder produced from the same effort.


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TITLEFTFIL for Climate Resilient Cowpea
Agriculture and Seeds & Stock
IMPLEMENTED INGhana, Ethiopia, China and 13 moreSEE ALLGhana, Ethiopia, China, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Portugal, Nigeria, Nepal, Mozambique, Mexico, Kenya, India, Uganda, Vietnam, South AfricaSEE LESS
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New Country Implemented In
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