Updated Jul 28, 2019

Manual pivot piping system

Part of University of California, Davis

A system that maximizes irrigable are per unit of pipe length installed in a plot.


Abraham Salomon

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

This has been tested in Uganda and can be scaled up to other irrigation sites.

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Water Management and Agriculture Water Management

Water Management and Agriculture Water ManagementSEE LESS

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Piping is a very expensive component of an irrigation system, and often a small pump can supply water to more land the farmers are able to purchase pipe to cover.



A system of piping the lays a buried section to the center of the field to be irrigated, and attaches a raised pipe (HDPE or Layflat) that can rotate in a circle. This mimics the layout of a traditional center-pivot system, but is manually moved to the plot a farmer desires to irrigate. This center pivot model maximizes the irrigable area for a given length of pipe.

Target Beneficiaries

Smallholder farmers

Innovation Description

A PVC pipe is buried from the pumping location to the center of the plot to be irrigated. A riser is made at the end of the PVC pipe, and a rotating unit is attached, before connecting to an HDPE pipe that extends to the end of the field. This pipe can then be set at any location within 360 degrees, and a sprinkler set, drag hose, or free flow can be used from the end. This requires two people, one person to make sure the rotating unit does not get pulled and break, and another one or two people to rotate the pipe.
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted24

The Team Behind the Innovation

Kate Scow- Professor of Soil Science and Microbial Ecology in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis Helen Acuku- Program Manager, Teso Womens Development Initiative. Betty Ikalany - Executive Director, Teso Womens Development Initiative. Abraham Salomon - Project manager of 'Innovations in Dry Season Horticulture' in Uganda.



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