Updated Jul 23, 2019

Smartphone app for livestock disease reporting

Part of Colorado State University

This innovation is a mobile app to help control and prevent livestock disease by enabling sentries to report livestock disease symptoms in remote locations to a central database which is assessed by veterinarians who determine if follow up is needed.


Richard Bowen

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Focus Areas:

Food Safety and Standards

Food Safety and StandardsSEE LESS

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Limited resources (financial and human) limit the response capacity of the veterinary services to respond to possible livestock disease outbreak information, particularly in remote areas.



The system allows to triage disease related information by veterinary services staff and only respond to those reports that pose a real threat to livestock health.

Target Beneficiaries

Women sentries, veterinary services and livestock owners

Innovation Description

This innovation is a mobile application for trained sentries in remote locations to report symptoms of livestock diseases. The app allows sentries to input the details of livestock symptoms and to upload images to a central database, which can then be accessed by experts. Verified reports can then be sent to local veterinary authorities to take appropriate action.

Competitive Advantage

It is normally difficult to get livestock disease related information from remote settings, the innovation helps overcome that.


Date Unknown
Funds RaisedVERIFIED
TITLEEmpowerment of Village Women for Detection and Control of Livestock Diseases in Nepal
Food Safety and Standards
Implemented InNepal
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