Updated Jun 14, 2019

Using Coco-peat (coconut dust) as a seedling growth medium

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Using coco-peat as a seedling growth medium


Amer Fayad

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Stage 5: Scaling

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Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and CambodiaSEE LESS

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Soil-borne diseases of seedlings, lack of sterile growth media for healthy seedling production, and lack of commercial nurseries is a major global issue.



This innovation encourages healthy seedling production and reduction of soil-borne diseases in nurseries and seedling production.

Target Beneficiaries

Medium and smallholder farmers

Innovation Description

Coconut dust provides an ideal medium in which to grow young seedlings until they're ready to be transplanted. Their lightweight cellulosic structure allows the roots of a seed to establish themselves and at the same time absorb just the right amount of water. Furthermore, when "coco-peat" is added to soil, it improves the soil's texture and structure. Sandy soil becomes more compact, and clayey soil becomes more arable. Most importantly, the medium is more likely to be free from bacteria and fungi.

Competitive Advantage

This innovation is inexpensive and environmentally safe.


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